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How should I shampoo my wig?

1- Gently remove any tangles
2- Place wig with the hair side down into a basin in the sink
3- Put a small amount of shampoo inside of the wig.
4- Gently let water run through the wig cap filling up the basin underneath.
5- Gently swish the hair in the soapy water, do not use  friction or agitate roughly.
6- Rinse lightly through the inside of the cap until all of the shampoo is rinsed. Never rise the hair side (this will cause the hair to invert) of the wig always rinse water through the inside of the cap.
7- Repeat with conditioner. It is very important to use conditioner every time you shampoo.

How do I style my wig?

1- Gently blot excess water from wig.
2- Place wig on an air dry stand until 90% dry.
3- Secure wig to head and smooth with drier and brush on low setting while shaping into desired style. May also use curling iron or flat iron on low settings to achieve desired look.
*We recommend taking your wig to a professional stylist for the best results.

What are the best products to use on my wig?
While we use the highest quality hair available your wig hair is not being nourished by natural oils and can tend to dry out. We recommend shampoo & conditioner that adds extra moisture. It is very important that you never use a product that contains the ingredient
"silk" a this will cause tangles.


wig care

How often should I shampoo my wig? Every 14 wearings. However if you feel you need more you can clean the inside of the cap with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.

What is lace front?
A very thin transparent material where hairs are sewn into one hair at a time. Lace gives a natural appearance to the front edges.

What is Mono?
Mono or Monofilament is a breathable gauze like material where hairs are hand sewn to mimic a scalp appearance. Mono material is best for full coverage.

What are contouring wires?
Thin wires located on certain caps that can be manipulated to shape the contour of your head and secure the wig. Contour wires are usually added at the sides and nape of the wig.

What is the difference between hand
tied and machine tied?

Hand tied means that the hairs are sewn by hand and placed in a natural growing pattern one hair at a time. Machine tied means that the hairs are sewn to a "weft" or "track" and then sewn by machine to the wig cap. Machine tied is much less labor intensive so it is more affordable. All of our wigs are hand tied in the front and top. Hair in a all hand tied wig will have more natural movement and is easier to style, and is also more delicate.