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what to expect


We will address any questions or concerns. Help you to chose the wig that is right for you, help you to choose the color or design highlights. We can share photos and ideas via email todesign the perfect wig.

the hair

We shop the highest quality hair available, we use Indian Remy hair, unless otherwise requested. Being the hair is not getting natural moisture it is important that you use proper care.

the hairstyle

You may request layers or finished length. If you will always wear a part you may request left, right or center part otherwise your wig will be made "free style" meaning you can style it in any direction. Your wig will arrive un-styled. We do this for a reason, everyone has a different shape head and face, so we feel it best that you take your wig to a stylist to cut into finished style.

production time

It can take between two and three months to complete your wig. We may have some questions after your order is placed so please be sure we can reach you.


Free! Priority mail within the United States on all orders over $500.

Return Policy

You may purchase merchandise from this Web site by using any one of the payment options listed in (link to Payment Options). Pop Wigs USA reserves the right to change its payment procedures at any time without prior notice to you.

Buyer Acknowledges the following conditions of the sale (1) Due to the nature if product this sale is final and non-cancellable. (2) In order to induce the company to accept payment by credit card, I agree that I will not seek any refund or adjustments of the purchase price by requesting my credit card company charge back any payment to the company (3) All final payments must be made in full before delivery of the product (4) I understand that this agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. (5) Any wig not claimed and or paid for within 6 months of purchase becomes the property of Pop Wigs USA.

extra options

hand tied

Hand tied means that the hairs are sewn by hand and placed in a natural growing pattern one hair at a time. Machine tied means the hairs are sewn to a "weft" or a "track" and then sewn to the cap of the wig. Machine made is less labor intensive to make so the price is more affordable. All of our wigs are made hand tied in the top and front for a more natural appearance, but can be ordered “all hand tied”. All of the photos on our website are made with machine tied sides and back.  Additional cost for all hand tied wig $300

Silk top

A layer of silk is added to the top of the wig, the hairs are then pulled through the silk one hair at a time concealing the knot in the hair that is attached to the base cap. The silk material offers a scalp like appearance and the hair can be parted anywhere. Additional cost 175.00 

extra density

All of the wigs posted on this web site are made with an average amount of hair, we can make the density heavier if you wish. Additional cost $100.00

medium Blonde

light red

brown blonde red blend

platinum blonde

dark red

medium brown

light brown

dark brown

off black

Kinky Straight
Tight Curl


Body Wave

Step three

the texture

Select the type of texture to match the style you wish to achieve. We recommend to preserve the integrity of your hair that if you will wear the wig in both curled and straight styles that you chose the straight texture and curl rather than  styling from curly to straight.

step two:

the color

Our exclusive multi-dimensional color pallet is a subtle blend of complimentary and contrasting hues strategically placed for a brilliant natural effect. We have taken extra precautions to depict the hair colors in our images below, however the color may differ depending on screen and lighting if you are unsure at the time of designing your wig you can chose to hold your order and borrow color swatches which we will send you before we begin production of your wig, you can also chose to send us a sample of your own hair and we will match the color exactly.

Reason: not listed

solution: consultation

For a no obligation consultation with over 40 years in the industry there is rarely something we have not seen before, we can help!

Pop Wigs USA Custom Designed Wigs Design your wig Page

Discover the Difference Custom made FULL LACE HUMAN HAIR WIGS  haVE to offer

 Follow the simple steps below to design your custom wig. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-427-4247 or email info@popwigsusa.com we are here to help!

Step four:

the length

Use the photo to determine the length. The length of hair determines the cost of the wig.

Length of hair

total Cost of Wig

Less than 6"

step one:


You will need a tape measure

Follow the diagram to take accurate measurements; hold the tape measure flat to your scalp and part hair out of the way. It is best to have somebody help you and check the measurements two times for accuracy. Be sure to submit all measurements for the best fit.

1. Circumference- The entire hairline. Begin with the tape measure at the center of the front hairline wrap all the way around the head keeping it above the ears and across your nape at the back hairline.

2. Front to Nape- Begin with the tape measure at the center of the front hairline to the nape of your neck (just below occipital bone).
3. Ear to ear across forehead- Measure front hairline, begin just in front of the ear and place the tape measure just behind and along the front hairline to the front of the opposite ear.
4. Ear to ear over top- Beginning at the side hairline above the highest point of the ear over the top to the side hairline on the opposite side.
5. Temple to temple around back- Begin at the front edge of the hairline on the side, wrap the tape measure around the back of the head to the hairline on the opposite side.
6. Nape of neck- Place the tape measure at the edge of hairline behind ear, measure across at the lowest point of the occipital bone.

reason: to cover a full head of hair

solution: Illusions mono

Soft comfortable top offers full coverage of your own hair or incorporate your natural hair line by wearing the wig slightly behind it. 

Adjustable straps and contour wires for an extra secure fit.

Reason: Hair loss

solution: fantasy 2 lace

Complete or partial hair loss.Light weight sheer lace front materials allows your own scalp to show through for a natural appearing hair line.

Adjustable straps and side contour wires for an extra secure fit

Step five:

the cap

The most important part of a wig is choose the right cap Buying a wig can be confusing. Most people would think the hair is the most important. While its true the hair is VERY important, the best hair with the wrong cap type can make the wig uncomfortable to wear. To choose the right cap we first need to determine why are you wearing the wig.

Do you have hair loss or a full head of hair?

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